Superintendent Lorrie Sullivan Series: Maelstrom of White

Superintendent, Lorrie Sullivan, heads up the new National Major Crimes Unit at the London Met’. This is her first case and her immediate superiors want nothing more than to see her fall flat on her face.
Fifteen minutes out of Heathrow, and a woman dies on an aeroplane. More deaths follow – all traumatic, painful and entirely mysterious. Poison is suspected and, as random strangers begin to die across the country, both Lorrie and forensic pathologist Ricky Burton are mystefied as to the cause of their deaths.
The killer – calling himself the Reaper – taunts the police and Lorrie finds that the evidence begins to point close to home.
This is the first book in the Superintendent Lorrie Sullivan series and the reader is introduced to a senior policewoman who leads from the front and takes no prisoners. She is often thwarted, often put down and often finds herself struggling to succeed in a predominantly man’s world. She has her own demons to contend with, and an unrequited love that has haunted her nearly all of her adult life, but she carries on regardless.
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