Angela was born in Scotland in October 1961 and is the oldest of five children. She is married to Trevor and has two grown-up sons and one beautiful, gorgeous grandaughter.

She can never remember a time when she didn’t have a book in her hand and began writing as a schoolgirl. She was lucky to have an English teacher, Mr. Anderson, who took an interest in her stories and her poetry and encouraged her to develop her interest and her skills.


During the 90s, Angela began to experiment with writing screenplays and was fortunate enough to get support from the BBC – being invited to workshops and other events and, during one of these events, she met the wonderful Victoria Wood. The responsibility and high-pressure of her job as an NHS Service Director meant that she didn’t have the time to pursue her interest in writing and, when her husband had a severe spinal injury in 2010, she took early retirement from the NHS to care full-time for him.


After eight years caring for her husband, life and routine settled somewhat, and Angela found that there were quite a few hours in the day where she could dedicate a return to writing. Because she couldn’t take on a job outside of the home – due to her husband’s needs – she decided to pursue writing for publication.


She decided on becoming an Indie writer because it best suited her needs. There would be no deadlines and she could write what she wanted, when she wanted. Her first novel in her Superintendent Lorrie Sullivan crime series, was independently published in July 2018 and the second book in the series was published in November 2018.


Angela describes herself as an eclectic writer – insofar as she has an interest ranging across a number of genres – and plans to always mix up her repertoire so that a selection of genres will always be written and available to buy.

October 2021

A Bloodbath of Bones (Superintendent Lorrie Sullivan)


July 2021

Detectives Friar and Tuck: Case Number Two


March 2021

Detectives Friar and Tuck: Case Number One


November 2020

Tomorrow: a post apolcalyptic dystopian thriller


October 2020

A Brace of Friends (Superintendent Lorrie Sullivan)


April 2020

Kulu (Beyond The Bloodline)

May 2020

My Wee Granny’s Meat Free Recipes

January 2020

A Rhapsody of Rage (Superintendent Lorrie Sullivan)

October 2019

The Empty Throne (Beyond The Bloodline)

The Rise of The Witch (Beyond The Bloodline)

August 2019

Bouquet of Brides (Superintendent Lorrie Sullivan)

April 2019

Wee Granny’s Full Table

Superintendent Lorrie Sullivan Omnibus

March 2019

A Flock of Innocents (Superintendent Lorrie Sullivan)

November 2018

A Murder of Clowns (Superintendent Lorrie Sullivan)

My Wee Granny’s Bannocks and Bakes

October 2018

Do You Know God’s Angels?

August 2018

My Wee Granny’s Old Scottish Recipes

July 2018

Maelstrom of White (Superintendent Lorrie Sullivan)

The Christian Funeral Service